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Ex-pats from all walks of life gather in the peaceful and historic art community of San Miguel de Allende for many reasons—the mild weather, the abundant cultural sites, and fantastic golf. However, the main reason they flock here and return year after year is the tranquil, family-oriented lifestyle that welcomes them with open arms and a passionate song.

Art, Music and the Heartbeat of a Culture

Life is a little slower here, much as it has been for the past 500 years. With a picture-book setting of cobblestone streets lined with quaint cafes and perfectly mild year-round temperatures, San Miguel de Allende is the ideal setting for travelers looking for culture, inspiration and a community of interesting expatriates from nations around the world. Not only is the culture diverse here, it is open and welcoming to all who arrive.

Art and music are the very essence of this community. Galleries and artists can be found almost anywhere in San Miguel de Allende, and music from jazz to mariachi is a constant hypnotic presence in her streets. Family is of the highest importance here, and once you arrive, you are a part of the family that is this community..

Horseback riding in the rolling hillsides is a popular pastime. And of course, a great golf course is always nearby.

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San Miguel de Allende STORIES

I moved down to Mexico with my family just after 9/11 looking for a simpler, safer and slower pace of life. I found all of that and then some in San Miguel de Allende. After living here for 9 years, opening my own restaurant, and raising my two daughters, none of that has changed. We now consider San Miguel de Allende our home.

San Miguel de Allende is a place where my children can walk down the street and feel safe. I find comfort living in a small puebla and knowing many of the people who live here. Friends, business owners, teachers, police and the bus drivers—we are all connected through the cobblestone streets, the architecture, its people and the life that San Miguel breathes into us. There is a real sense of community, and people are genuinely willing to help you out. I feel it daily walking through the street saying my hello's, shaking hands, stopping to talk about plans for the day and kissing babies. I feel like a true local, and I think everybody feels that magic here in San Miguel.

The negative media that Mexico has been receiving in the US press is a tragedy and is harming many of the local businesses here in San Miguel because so many of us rely on tourism. The media should be more specific in their reporting, detailing the areas that are most affected by narcotrafficking and the places to avoid. They portray the drug war as if the entire country is under siege. This is simply not the case. I wish that the US would own up to its out-of-control drug habit and stop blaming Mexico. It would be great if they focused more on prevention and helping people get off drugs to lower the demand.

Donnie M.

San Miguel de Allende

Like so many others, I fell in love with San Miguel de Allende and decided to move here after being here for just a couple of weeks. I came down to paint in February of 2002 and had bought a business and moved here by the following September. I have never regrettted that decision. Why do I love living here? Start with the weather, which is almost perfect almost all the time - and certainly I will never again choose to experience the winters of the North Eastern United States - NEVER! And the colors, and the architecture and the lovely streets, the flowers! Every day there is another door open to another magical garden; after 9 years here I am still surprised and delighted by the secrets and magic that continue to pour out onto the streets of this town. I love the food - the variety of it - the people- the variety of them - and most of all, that it is a small city with enough sophistication to never be boring. We have an active arts community and a very involved public, doing a lot of good work for the people who live here, for the Mexican people who have so graciously included us in this inimitable lifestyle. And, on top of everything else, this is a small city that acts like a small town - it is a safe, welcoming and intensely satifsfying place to live, on every level. Bottom line? There is simply NO WAY I could live as well as I do anywhere else that I can think of - San Miguel de Allende is my home now!

Cynthia P.

San Miguel de Allende

I studied art in San Miguel at the Instituto Allende 35 years ago and fell in love with the town then. We moved to Mexico for the people, the culture, the music and the art. Even my artwork is based on Mexico…. historical ancient content in a contemporary setting.

We love the way of life with a lot less stress plus you just can’t buy the climate we have here with beautiful weather year-round.

Ben and Merry C.

from Houston, Texas to San Miguel de Allende

We moved to Mexico as a gift for our two young girls, then it became a gift for us. We love being able to spend more time with family and to live in the now. The connections we have with our friends here are also very special. When we were thinking about moving to Mexico, it seemed like a huge step. Once we got here, it’s like Wow! How silly were we not to do this earlier?

Mark and Rachelle S.

from Dallas, Texas to San Miguel de Allende

Being immersed in a culture so different from my own is a richly pleasurable experience that defies simple description. It's astonishing – and then heartening – to live among people for whom money is not their highest value, who treasure family, festivals, hard work, and free time, far beyond the acquisition of material goods. San Miguel de Allende is the perfect blend of a close-knit community of fascinating “gringos” and Mexicans, from whom we have much to learn about “lifestyle.” Over 60 indigenous cultures still thrive in Mexico, speaking their own languages and producing a huge variety of spectacular folk art that is endlessly entertaining.

One day I can be celebrating my birthday eating a bowl of lovingly prepared pozole in the very humble brick home of my Mexican friends, and the next evening dining with world-class musicians in a lavish home filled with art, enjoying animated conversation with friends from our organization of classical music lovers who bring the world’s top musicians to San Miguel. Where else would I see my friends so often and enjoy many activities together with them? Where else could I start a literary organization and see it grow to world-class status in just six years? Where else could I have built the home I created over many years in my mind, but never imagined I would really live in!

Neither of us knew what we would do when we moved here. I continued my passion for writing and produced a new book. And Mayer started a small folk art gallery that in five years has grown to be what many say is the finest in the country and that includes one of only two collections in the world of post-classic serapes, some of them so exquisite that they have been acquired by museums.

“I used to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (mild depression in the winter),” says my husband. "Now I suffer from chronic exuberance!

Susan P. and Mayer S.

from San Francisco to San Miguel de Allende

Joseph: I have lived in San Miguel for ten years now, and I still love it as if I had just moved here. It is a safe, beautiful, quiet place -- a great town for living and working, without being overwhelmed by traffic, hoards of people, noise, and 'the rat race.' As a writer, I find San Miguel inspiring. As a gay men, I find it accepting and even welcoming.The weather, of course, is perfect. Really, after living in maybe 20 other cities and towns in the United States and elsewhere, San Miguel is the best. I'm glad I found it!

Mike: As a Naturopathic Doctor, I love San Miguel for its high quality of life. Fresh fruits and vegetables are everywhere; the air is fresh and clean; the high desert climate -- low humidity, moderate temperatures -- are just plain healthy. With its many opportunities for physical exercise and personal growth, San Miguel is a great place to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I feel secure here, and quite happy.

Joseph D. and Mike H.

from Santa Fe, NM to San Miguel de Allende

For someone who is an art lover, music lover, culture lover, anything lover—well, if you're anything like me, you wake up every morning with a smile on your face, eternally grateful for having virtually stumbled onto one of the world's treasures—San Miguel de Allende. I still pinch myself every time I walk past the town cathedral in the evening, pink and majestic, lit up like an enchanted castle. And the climate is darn near perfect, spring-like all year round.

Francesca F.

San Miguel de Allende

I moved here in 2009 and it has been a blessing for my family.

I have four kids who love it here. The beginning was a bit rough but they have flourished with friends and our family has become much closer.

Our focus is being together, laughing, creating projects, and enjoying a life of cuisine.

We are all healthier too! The small community and authentic people, I feel will have a lifelong impact on our humility and humanity.

Elizabeth K.

San Miguel de Allende

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